Whatever person at Sun came up with the text mode custom package selector in the Solaris 9 installer needs to be dragged out and publically fed, alive, to some sort of violent animal.

This shit literally drives me out of my mind. Nothing like scrolling through hundreds of packages at 9600 baud. wee!

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    1. Yea, approximately 400 packages, not counting the ones that are actually categories containing even more shit, scrolling by every fucking time you make a change gets REALLY REALLY old after a while, moreso if it is slow when it does it.

      1. Trick is to install using the "Software 1/2" disc instead of the webstart/install disc.

        You get a much nicer textmode install. curses based, even.

        But half the time I tell it to install the whole thing anyway and turn off the services I'm not using.

        1. yea but, I leave the OS DVD in the drives so we can reinstall or do packages remotely, and that's the option I have, the full OS DVD.

          1. hah, well, given it has to work fucking flawlessly using 8 CPUs and 32GB of RAM with 100% fibre channel disks, I don't know anything else that works in the capacity I need it. (oh, and it has to be a supported platform for oracle)

  1. If you want them to feel pain…

    Just cover the subject in honey, and stake 'em out a short distance from a fire ant colony on a hot, sunny Texas day. 7-10 feet away should be just about right. This might take awhile, but the message you send will be unequivocally understood.

    1. Re: If you want them to feel pain…

      oooh, haha. That's so awesome it made me tingle thinking about it. I was thinking that or throw them in a tank of hungry pirahnas.

      1. Re: If you want them to feel pain…

        The huge tank of hungry piranhas would definitely fit your guidelines, but I think such a spectacle would likely inspire more terror/horror in the audience than fear/pain in the victim. Since Amazonian piranhas allegedly can skeletizes a cow within five minutes or so, I think your hypothetical victim would likely lose consciousness very quickly when submerged in the tank and then attacked.

        For the public spectacle point of view, you might also try going the Roman gladiator route. Enclose the victim in an arena and arm him with his choice of a Leatherman tool, a multi-bit screwdriver, or a Victorinox Cybertool 34. Then release a number of feral hogs (aka: wild boar, Russian boar, feral pigs, wild hogs, razorbacks, etc.) into the arena. Recline on a dais or couch to enjoy the spectacle in the arena, while a beautiful female servant feeds you grapes.

        You might want to take care not to release feral hogs which are
        too small, however.

        1. Re: If you want them to feel pain…

          What's the point of causing pain to the person responsible? The fact that they would die is not as relevant as the spectacle of it for people who were considering following in his footsteps. I don't want revenge, I want to make an example of him. 🙂

          1. Re: If you want them to feel pain…

            The point would be that, "not only will you die if you write an installer as brain dead as this one, you will die an incredibly painful, long, excruciating dealh." When asked how they'd like to die, most people respond something to the effect of, "quickly and without (or with a minimum of) pain."

          2. Re: If you want them to feel pain…

            meh, but they'd rather not die by being ravaged by a pack of angry fish. It just has to look like a particularly violent way to die. violent enough where they don't want to find out if it hurts or not.

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