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All this hurry up and wait at work is driving me fucking crazy.

Things are about to get really interesting.

Also, yesterday we hit the bottom of the repair queue, there was nothing broken. Today everything we had was pending close. (no trouble found or came clean during testing). Hooray for 100% of the advanced services customer base being trouble free for an extended period of time. Hard to do when there's so much shitty copper out there. At least the worst of it is getting stolen by crack fiend junkies and thus has to be replaced with shiny new stuff.

There's a little for everyone in this one. Please read? :)

My pokemans! Let Me Show You Them!

Thanks to for the pointer.

Also it is important to note that the party at my house on Saturday is not my official "house warming" party but mostly a venue for the amusingly named annual event "strippers and dirty magazines" which is not as illicit as it sounds, I promise.

Actual housewarming party plans will exist in August or so. We will be actually moved in by then. It would be earlier but some people require at least 2 weeks notice, as well as my ailing grandma who cannot travel out to Detroit will be in town back home, and we need to go visit her, and that's in late July / early August. All the timing for that is up in the air but it will actually likely be really close to our first anniversary as well. Yay? 🙂

If you will be in attendance THIS SATURDAY, and seek to sit somewhere other than my back step, crosslegged on my porch, or the grass, you are advised to bring a chair. We have 4 with our patio table. We account for two of them.

Utilities ordered to be changed: Check. Power/Gas/POTS Telephone/Cable TV and (temporary) Cable Modem will be ready Friday.
Appliances ordered: Will arrive Saturday, Check. Ever bought a stove and refrigerator from the parking lot of a random bank?* I now have. Sprint PCS EVDO and The Home Depot combined make it possible!
Insurance purchased: Check. Muhaha. Thanks .
Loan paperwork and arrangements finalized: Check
Financial instrument to reimburse previous owner for overpaid property tax: Will be acquired before closing.

Less than 36 hours until I drop more money than I've ever spent in my life on anything. Yikes.

I filed an ASR for our A Links today.

I gave a rural school district more bandwidth than I thought was possible in their neck of the woods today.

I saw fireworks.

Something something something south central L.A.
so I say it was a good day.

* I was making a pit stop cause my car was being a bitch and I happened to pull into a flagstar bank lot.

Secret awesome from yesterday

The awesome thing at work besides the new minion that I got yesterday?
5 words
class four slash five switch

Taqua ix7000.

Awesome Awesome Awesome.

That is all.

We got it, and Mike and I installed it THE SAME DAY. (This is very abnormal even for newer tiny switches like this one, usually it takes 2-3 days to get it all up and running.)

Also, the guy selling us the house agreed to check the furnace (and adjust the burner?) on his dime. This was unexpected.

Inspection went quite well. We need to replace and upgrade from the electrical drop to the fuse panel. We need to replace the fuse panel and put in breakers. The furnace is scary old but functional.

Pictures of the inside are included in the gallery too now

Dad and (Step)mom like it.
Mom likes it.
I like it.
Becky likes it.

Closing date like to move up to 06/29/2007 from 07/07/2007.

Need to get house a colonoscopy with the cool ass camera doodad this week. But that's the only blocking issue before we close.

Secret work thingus in under 12 hours.


Purchase offer is signed, just waiting for the signature from the seller which is likely to come in in the next few hours or so? UPDATE WE HAVE A HOUSE NOW THE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES

Home inspector is scheduled for Sunday at 4.

Everything's ready for The Awesome Thing At Work on Monday. (PS: This is an offshoot of an earlier mentioned "Secret Project ACCNL") We even have a Danger Cart.

[I tried for an hour to find a picture to back my aqua teen hunger force reference but failed. :(]

Minion's desk is ready.

This is going to be fucking insane.

omg omg omg omg


It's starting to hit me that one of my little dreams is coming true Monday when we get our cool thing at work. Most of you already know what it is but I'm not supposed to say what it is until we have it. All preparations have been made and it's pretty much down to getting everything finalized tomorrow. Wow.

My second little dream… I got a call at 5pm. There was a counteroffer on the property within my acceptable limits. The seller says it's non negotiable and final, and he's rejected at least 5 other offers that did not reach that minimum. My agent believes this to be truthful.

So the plan is to buzz by, take one more look, and then basically accept the counteroffer as proposed because it's ideal, exactly where we wanted it, what we wanted it to contain, everything. And the price is good for the neighborhood and it's a nice looking neighborhood. Pending inspection then, we basically have a house.

It's more than I hoped to pay for a house by a long shot when I started this exercise. But honestly we can afford it still and since it meets more of our 10 year requirements than our 5 year, it's likely that we'll buy it and stay there for the remainder of our days. We won't have to replace it when we have kids as it was specifically chosen to scale to that. We have to get appliances but we have savings for that, so ultimately there's really no downside to it. I'm just being nervous…. Probably because we will have to look at our expenses and adjust them so we can keep putting the same amount in savings as we currently are. I like not living paycheck to paycheck and having a big buffer. I'd like to get it up to 3 months income at minimum. It's currently at 1 month after all the stuff settles with appliances and stuff. I can only imagine how it will be like when I pay my dad off in the next few years. An additional $500 a month with no extra effort put in would be a great thing.

The good news is that the income from the LLC could make the house payments by itself if it had to, AS IS. There'd be no money left over for food or other bills, but frankly if I had to live that way, it's likely because I would have found myself with a bunch of unexpected free time on my hands. Even if I land on my ass somehow I'm set. But given the way things are going that is incredibly unlikely to happen. I just like the safety net.

It's been a great 3 day run

+ new minion
+ other thing at work I'll talk about later
+ yearly review coming up at work
+ just saw a house today that I want to put in an offer on. It's *perfect* in every way.
+ the buyer's agent that I thought was really a douche came through for me on the above. yay!

– car needs gas, it's out
– had a two hour long power outage today
– saw a house prior to the one I loved that still has my allergies going. It was a foreclosure but wasn't listed as such or I wouldn't have bothered. All the lightbulbs were taken, everything was a mess, and someone punched a hole in a bedroom wall. Paint was missing as was wallpaper pretty much everywhere. It would have cost at least $15k to get it all where I wanted it. Pity, because the floorplan and outside was great. Busy trying to build a statewide telecommunications network, no thanks.