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  1. Always ask for your fries early and you will have a cool appetizer of sorts.

    I've been going to Red Robin since about 91 or so and have only had two kinds of burgers. I always got the Banzai until I tried the (then) new Whiskey River Barbecue burger.

    1. hehe, I try to try them all. I had the california chicken burger or something like that today. It's like the zesty guacamole bacon burger, identical in fact, except it's chicken. Yummy!

  2. redundant, perhaps. But most certainly not load balanced, as there is no way of transferring the load from one server to the other….you're just pulling out of them both. It's entirely possible that you'd be getting 90% of the output from one server, and only 10% from the other…

    1. Considering what I've seen from commercial load balancers sometimes, that's an improvement. πŸ˜‰

      To get technical, my tongue can direct flow of liquid to whichever glass has more. This happened several times, as I actually drank four pops this way. :->

      So what's new in eric land? I see whatserface's car ate a tree. That's crazy. You think you can fix that? It looks pretty messed up.

      1. balancers – lol, very true πŸ˜› But without an accurate method of measure, how can you be sure that you're pulling equally from all? πŸ˜›

        Sam's car…..yes, fixable, but it will take a lot of work. Tho now she's looking at just getting another car that needs less work, and just combining good parts to make one good car. She called me the other day all excited cause she found one…but unfortunetly, I think that excitement is gonna result in her dumping about 3-4 grand than she really needs to, just because she wants a car NOW πŸ™ Apparently she talked to some guy that claimed to be a car wholesaler, said he's interested in buying whats left of hers, and selling her a 2000 model for something like 9 grand (from what I've seen, she should be able to get another 2000 for closer to 5 grand) I tried to get to look around somemore, but all that did was make it look like I was attempting to rain on her parade.

          1. wrong. RAID 1 can run too, and is more like what I'm doing in the pic – RAID 1 is 2x read, 1x write, 1:1 redundancy.

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