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FBI puts stop to spam king
Agents close up shop by seizing equipment from bulk e-mailer's W. Bloomfield home in recent raid.

Warrants unsealed last week revealed that agents in September seized computers, laptops, financial records and disks from the 8,000-square-foot home of Alan M. Ralsky. The $750,000 West Bloomfield mini-mansion was built off profits from the 100 million electronic offers for everything from Botox to mortgages that Ralsky sends every day.

FBI agents even took a copy of a 2002 Detroit News story that called Ralsky the "poster boy for spam."

"We're out of business at this point in time," Ralsky said last week. "They didn't shut us down. They took all our equipment, which had the effect of shutting us down."

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    1. The pay is good, but that could also be said of drug dealers and pimps. The line of work fucks up neighborhoods all the same, just different neighborhoods.

      1. "A whore should be judged by the same criteria as other professionals offering services for pay — such as dentists, lawyers, hairdressers, physicians, plumbers, etc. Is she professionally competent? Does she give good measure? Is she honest with her clients? It is possible that the percentage of honest and competent whores is higher than that of plumbers and much higher than that of lawyers. And enormously higher than that of professors." – Lazarus Long

        1. The ethics of spam are very much unlike this though – the penalty and costs are borne by the community, not the people who are performing the task. Unlike whores, who provide their own bodies, spammers provide proxy services to others mailboxes, and people have to consume resources and time to discard and process the garbage.

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