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    1. Two abandoned warehouses, formerly used by a plastics recycling/reclaimation operation. I'd be willing to bet that the cause of the dark smoke was burning polypropelene and polystyrene. Hopefully, no one breathed in too much of it.

  1. Since I was with Paul when the image was taken, I'd like to point out that we were on eastbound Ford Road wihen this was happening. The smoke plume was immense and looked like it stretched South to at least Taylor, several miles away. According to the reporters on 950AM, WWJ, the smoke was blocking out the sun, much like a solar eclipse at the scene of the fire.

    If this keeps up, we won't need to worry about urban renewal in Detroit. Enough warehouse fires like these last two and the city will be an empty, level plain. We'll pretty much have no choice but to rebuild.

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