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          1. hehe I don't know. I only watched when I was really little and I barely remember anything other than them always having awesome weapons, and mister T, and that wicked van.

      1. the loans bit was bit much, yeah.
        I mean yes I understand that it's boilerplate federal restrictions, but it's not like you were cooking the books for Enron.

          1. the self restraint that took was phenominal. I had to get ken lay to take the pikachu sticker off his car I put there as a prank just before they investigated so they didn't have a clue.

    1. White is alright. I've got a deposit on it right now, and am paying a killer price on it, so I'll compromise on the color.

      The engine's got decent balls though. I can definitely live with that.

    1. he wants it, we haven't discussed price but I think he's transferring my plates and title and shit for free for it, I'm not totally clear on it yet.

          1. I was thinking that too, then realized there is nothing about the frame worth keeping, and the only way it'd go off the road is if one of its tires fell off.

          2. heh….it would be seriously modified. Essentially it would become a rock buggy. Large sections of body would be cut away, a large V8 would be dropped in place of that little V6, front suspension would be replaced with a solid axle….about a foot of lift, and a nice set of 35" tires going underneath.

            This was the start of such a project…., but I was limited in that I still had to keep it as a daily driver. The only way I'm ever going to be able to build the kind of toy that I want is to have a vehicle that will never see pavement duty.

          3. no I was thinking of the guys who made their own cigarettes and where you had a waterbed with stripey sheets or whatever it was. Your room had a door in the lower lefthand corner, then a dresser to the right, a bed in the upper right hand corner (directly opposite the door), a closet to the right. It was in the back of the house. I could draw you a floor plan if you'd like. It was in or near warren.

          4. You're confusing a few houses then. That house was the one in Roseville, with the old guys who were druggies and chain smokers. I never had the Blazer when I lived there. While I was living there I had the zesty blue Firebird, the MJ (the Jeep pickup with the gnarly mud tires), the Geo Storm, and the Explorer.

            Also never had the waterbed there, or stripey sheets. I did frequently have the leopard print sheets on the bed there tho.

          5. yea, leopard print is what I meant. Roseville is exactly what I meant. I remember seeing every car you described, but yea I probably have them all mixed up.

          6. yep yep….got rid of the Blazer when I was still at Earl's place. Once I got to the 3rd trans in that thing in less than a year, I decided that I didn't want to invest any more into it, and got the Firebird. Looking back….I wish I would have just dropped the V8 into that one…but oh well…live and learn I suppose.

          7. oh, and just for reference, that pic is my old 1987 S10 Blazer, same basic truck as yours, just a couple years newer. 33" tall by 13.5" wide tires on it in that picture. Yours are prolly around 27" tall, by 7.5" wide πŸ˜›

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