Operation Plowshare

Hey, turn off SafeSearch (Warning, if I ask you to do this, the results are implicitly NSFW, in case google didn't make that obvious for you) on google image search, and search their image search for the phrase "operation plowshare", without the quotes.

Now, this is what I was actually looking for photos of:

Operation Plowshare, not to be confused with the anti-nuclear Plowshares Movement, was the overall United States term for the development of techniques to use nuclear explosives for peaceful construction purposes.

Can someone explain to me why it comes up with craters and mushroom clouds, as well as asian porn (and nothing else?)?

I'm not complaining here, I'm just wondering if we somehow created asian porn with our nuclear experimentation, or if we created some mutant half-human half-nymph race with our experimentation?

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  1. asian porn should become a part of all aspects of life.
    If we remove the stigma we could enjoy asian porn in every facet of our day.
    Board meetings would be more fun.

    1. hah, if I weren't bitching about it being asian porn, and telling you to disable safesearch, I would have. Disabling safesearch would be an obvious clue that I'm asking you to view something that's definitely NSFW.

    1. thanks. I have been watching the plowshares stuff on archive for some while, I was just curious what google image search could pull up, because hell, pictures of mushroom clouds are cool.

      also: What the hell were people thinking like "oh dude let's make a canal using nuclear detonations! It totally won't irradiate the water that flows through it!"

      Or please, just tell me they knew the revigorator was nonsense by then.

      1. Hmm, this is actually one of those very complex topics, primarily due to all of the secrecy shrouding the US nuclear research program. While they certainly knew of the dangers from fallout in the 1950s, subsurface bursts like Plowshare don't really produce much airborne fallout. The dangers of other tupes of radiation weren't really well understood until the early 60s and 70s. This is why there was the moratorium on atmospheric nuclear testing, in the early 60s.

        Another story that I've heard somewhere regarding "Atoms for Peace" was that the US wasn't sure it could afford its nuclear program, so it started shopping the technology around for other uses in order to fund its program. Clandestinely, Plowshare also provided much data regarding the effects of high-yield warheads in subsurface bursts (which may have been its original reason for being all along.) Much of this data is what the Bush Administration is referencing in their own misguided sub-surface nuke program.

        Oh, and the "bunker buster nuke" that we have retrofitted now. It's a 100 kiloton warhead. Drop one on Baghdad and you've vaporized the whole city, not just Saddam's bunker.

  2. Re: why

    well, I know they do that, but what I am wondering is why they would seed their pages with codenames for a nuclear test. I mean, okay, so there's porn involving disney characters, and people search for that a lot.

    But "operation plowshare"?

    That must be some pretty specialty porn there.

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