In case it wasn't completely obvious, the white car I posted a crappy photo of the other day is now my car.

I drove it today.


I feel like I'm in the lap of luxury. I'm going to make a comparison table:

1983 S10 Blazer 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager Expresso
smelled of gas fumes Only does so while fueling
allowed exhaust into the passenger cabin doesn't, unless the door is open
~8 mpg ~+20mpg
No power mirrors Power mirrors
Has no passenger side mirror All mirrors functional
Tinted Windows Tinted Windows
Tailgate Tailgate
No back window Back window
No back window Rear Wipers
Wipers, with intermittent setting Intermittent setting on this car is actually intentional
AM/FM Cassette Stereo with line in via 1/8" patch cable AM/FM radio, no cassette or line in
2 speakers At least 4
2 door 4 (dual sliding doors)
Seats 2-4 depending on number of pop bottles in car Seats 7 with room for lots of empty pop bottles
Carburetor Carb free!
v6 something v6 3.3L (?)
Power window (trying to operate the passenger side blows the fuse) Power Windows – all of them even!
A/C and Heat (who needs a compressor though, anyway (IOW: AC setting existed, nothing else did)) Dual comfort zone with A/C AND Heat, selectable with pushbutton instead of hand in the dash pulling cables
Car loses all cabin power (lights and accessories) when you hit bumps Occasionally the power locks go crazy when you hit a bump, but that's probably something obvious
Starts up if you ask nicely Starts up if you turn key
Grinding noise when you hit bumps no noise at all. In fact, what bump?
Reeks of gas and other car fluids Reeks of soccer mom
car, go? cargo!
Floor of car contains more oil than persian gulf probably enough baby puke or something like that to make a baby out of
shares the burden of a rainstorm takes rain like a man

Yea, so as you can see, it doesn't suck. It's actually pretty cool.

Operation Plowshare

Hey, turn off SafeSearch (Warning, if I ask you to do this, the results are implicitly NSFW, in case google didn't make that obvious for you) on google image search, and search their image search for the phrase "operation plowshare", without the quotes.

Now, this is what I was actually looking for photos of:

Operation Plowshare, not to be confused with the anti-nuclear Plowshares Movement, was the overall United States term for the development of techniques to use nuclear explosives for peaceful construction purposes.

Can someone explain to me why it comes up with craters and mushroom clouds, as well as asian porn (and nothing else?)?

I'm not complaining here, I'm just wondering if we somehow created asian porn with our nuclear experimentation, or if we created some mutant half-human half-nymph race with our experimentation?