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          1. At this point, I'd like to point out that there is a difference between GMT and UTC. GMT is the time in the Greenwich time zone, measured Noon to Noon. UTC is sidereal time, measured with respect to the stars, and runs 4 minutes faster each day than solar time.

          2. When I date papers, it appears like this: 05.12.01; todays date.

            It actually started out about 1984 for me, marking dayes this way. I am shamed to say it, but I got the idea from Star Trek calendar. Year, month, day. Seemed logical.

            Well, nearly got into an arguement with a clerk at work some time back about it. Told her it was ISO standard. We were going through an ISO audit at the time and everything was ISO, ISO, ISO. We even labeled the coffee machine.

            Well, bubbling around the 'Net, I found out that REALLY IS the ISO standar method of dating. Heh… Once again, Science Ficition leads the way into Science Fact.

            Oh, and for no apparent reason, I happen to be wearing this hat right now.

          3. After spending so much time in astronomical pursuits, my personal date code looks like this for today: 01 Dec 2005. I used to do all numbers, but that confused even me with my dyslexia. During the whole Y2K fiasco, I went to a four digit year and haven't felt the need to go back.

        1. Headslap! I should have picked up that one. Perhaps the problem is that the time is not labelled as such. People are far too casual about labels and units in this general culture. I simply must get back into grad school where things made sense!

        2. You can change this in your profile now to have the comments show up in your time zone.

          From what I can tell all comments in all journals will show up as your local time, but since they all show up GMT now, local seems better.

          Manage->info After Zip Code is Timezone.

          1. And after posting that I see that it's based on the journal it's being written in and all the journals I checked before saying that must have their timezone selected 😉

            (It'll say "(local)" after the time once you set a timezone)

        1. Not really. The one time in a million that happens to a phone I'm wearing that I fished out of a drawer of demo phones 2 years ago, I think I can just get another cheap phone, and roll with it.

  1. you know, just because Nokia is sleek, skinny, and puts out like the cheap date she is, does not mean you should let your samsung hang out with her, regardless if mr samsung is packing protection…. cellular phone sex is bad… next thing you know you will have a closet full of Motorolas begging for their batteries to be changed every 45 minutes.

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