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    1. Graybar must have had an extreme shortage of red LEDs due to the holidays and substituted blue LEDs in their place for your classes' "ET Phone Home" segment.

          1. of course. When I say stable, I mean "95% less fuckos in the streets firing their ak-47s in the air like goddamned idiots who didn't take any sort of physics classes".

            If they can make it there, they stand a chance πŸ™‚

          2. oh hell, in THAT case, we'll never be able to get out of there… standing in the street and firing off your AK is like a rite of passage in the east.

          3. If they head to the edges of town and fire out into the desert there's plenty of sand dunes to act as backstops. That said, according to the news reports I've read, the violence has decreased with each election in Iraq. During the first election there were 119 attacks on polling sites, during the second, there were 19. Today, they only had a few random mortar attacks in Baghdad and Mosul.

            It sounds like the insurgents are running out of motivation, ammunition or both.

          4. it's only so often you can bomb your own people before they stop thinking that your insurgency is a good idea.

            bombing the polls only hurts native iraqi citizens. It's a retarded idea, and it's good to see that sort of thing implode the insurgency.

          5. Yes, while this war (pretty much all of the War on Terror) has been the most fucked up event on the world stage in my lifetime, I do wish the Iraqi people the best and hope that they can make their new, Democratic government work for themselves.

            If the Iraqis can do this, the Iranians and other less free Arab states might find that they have a problem on their hands: namely, their own people. It's already happened in Lebanon.

          6. Same here. We already did this, might as well finish it, but anyone who says that they can't begin decreasing troop numbers and planning withdrawal, even if the plans are over the next few years instead of immediately, doesn't really want to leave. (and are probably the same people who put us there to begin with when we didn't belong)

            It could be interesting if we can make sure we leave a strong government in its place. We need to focus on rebuilding their military, and getting police on the streets, and getting the hell out of there, since we're part of the thing the insurgents are fighting against anyway. They want us gone, even the normal iraqis want us gone, so they can finally have their country back and start running it how they want.

          7. A "stable" is a place with jackasses and horse shite (or bull shite, if you prefer).

            thus, our government is QUITE "stable" ;op

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