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    1. mine was also at OCC. I was interested because I needed a foreign language requirement and I wanted something that was challenging, without going into the crazy pictograph stuff. That and it sounded fun.

      1. Ah cool. I took 2 semesters at OCC, for a grade the first time and audit the second since both times I was taking it just for "fun". I had Hejazeen who did you have? She was great. Long story but I am into Arabic music and it was great when I went down to dearborn and finally could read some of the cd labels and signs. Granted I didn't know what all the words meant, but I could sound out "Beautiful Lebanese Debkes" and almost did a shout of joy. I've forgotten some of it already unfortunately but at least the letters aren't scribbles anymore. Avoid the spoken Arabic classes at schoolcraft though…bleeech..useless.

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