Math class

And with that, I pass math class. Probably a B. Maybe a B+ if my memory serves me not as well as I remember (I can't find one of my completed tests to calculate the final score)

Maybe even more if I got my extra credit. I can't remember when I got it and when I didn't.

Anyway, woot. 8 credits down, 139812309182093 to go.

Now to prepare to get on a plane and do crazy things.

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    1. besides, what new planes? I'm flying northwest. I have to bring my own goddamn snacks and drink, unless I want to pay $3 and have a measly can of free diet coke on my 4-6 hour flight.

      1. One drink service on a 4-6 hour flight? That's cruel and unusal, particularly since the cabin atmosphere has such a low humidity, due to being heated by the jet engines (plus there's not all that much air at 39,000 feet anyway.

        1. they might have two. They're still skimpy with them, half the time serving you in a baby ass sized glass with ice in it. Half the time you gotta bitch to get the can, which is ridiculous.

          1. That's been SOP on the airlines since before all of this cost cutting. One of the reasons that Southwest is my favorite airline (bad landings at Midway excepted) is that they've always been up front with the passenger. To wit, "we see it as our mission to get you from Departure to Arrival as economically as possible. While you're on our planes, you'll find them clean and comfortable, with a beverage and a bag of peanuts." No frills, no problem.

            The last time I landed at Midway, I was on the edge of my seat, as it was the spring migration for Canadian geese. I could look out the window and see hundreds, if not thousands of them all cruising in tight Vees through Midway airspace. In a goose/plane collision, everyone loses.

          1. One of my friends got around that little rule once. He took 20's of Sprite on board that in reality, were 50% Everclear by volume. Not that I'm suggesting you follow such a strategy!

  1. Um, Paul, what academic program are you in that it takes trillions of credits to graduate? UM-Dearborn only required 120 credit-hours for a Bachelor's of Science, 150 if you decided to double-major. A M.S. or Ph.D. at UIUC only required 12 units, equivalent to 48 credit hours. Oh, and a Thesis for the M.S. or a Dissertation for the Ph.D.

    1. there's lots of numbers. They haven't taught me enough math to calcuate numbers that high, so I just make things up.

      *grumble* I really need to retake the placement. ๐Ÿ™‚

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