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There's a little for everyone in this one. Please read? :)

My pokemans! Let Me Show You Them!

Thanks to for the pointer.

Also it is important to note that the party at my house on Saturday is not my official "house warming" party but mostly a venue for the amusingly named annual event "strippers and dirty magazines" which is not as illicit as it sounds, I promise.

Actual housewarming party plans will exist in August or so. We will be actually moved in by then. It would be earlier but some people require at least 2 weeks notice, as well as my ailing grandma who cannot travel out to Detroit will be in town back home, and we need to go visit her, and that's in late July / early August. All the timing for that is up in the air but it will actually likely be really close to our first anniversary as well. Yay? ๐Ÿ™‚

If you will be in attendance THIS SATURDAY, and seek to sit somewhere other than my back step, crosslegged on my porch, or the grass, you are advised to bring a chair. We have 4 with our patio table. We account for two of them.

Utilities ordered to be changed: Check. Power/Gas/POTS Telephone/Cable TV and (temporary) Cable Modem will be ready Friday.
Appliances ordered: Will arrive Saturday, Check. Ever bought a stove and refrigerator from the parking lot of a random bank?* I now have. Sprint PCS EVDO and The Home Depot combined make it possible!
Insurance purchased: Check. Muhaha. Thanks .
Loan paperwork and arrangements finalized: Check
Financial instrument to reimburse previous owner for overpaid property tax: Will be acquired before closing.

Less than 36 hours until I drop more money than I've ever spent in my life on anything. Yikes.

I filed an ASR for our A Links today.

I gave a rural school district more bandwidth than I thought was possible in their neck of the woods today.

I saw fireworks.

Something something something south central L.A.
so I say it was a good day.

* I was making a pit stop cause my car was being a bitch and I happened to pull into a flagstar bank lot.


heh, I was just looking at my feedback (I finally have a blue star next to my name. blue! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I guess looking at my bidding history says a lot about me. The last few things I have won:

MICR printer (prints checks using magnetic ink).
16" plush pikachu.
Blinking rubber duckies.
T1 channel bank.

Yep, that pretty much describes me, I think. hah.

How I spent my summer vacation (and my vacation pay)

Picked up a few things with my last paycheck. I had a month of unused vacation time, so it would seriously be hookers and blow time if I wasn't gonna use it to pay off my credit cards and quiet down the IRS instead.

A mess of parts A mess of parts
Wow. Thank God I have a high mechanical aptitude score in every standardized test I ever took.
Cool and Evil Cool and Evil
If I've gotta mow the lawn, I'm gonna do so in style.
Woo! Woo!
Bitchin' grill.

Dayton woo!

I'm now in Dayton Ohio for Hamvention.

I'm running entirely on emergency power, field day style. I've got a full data setup with lots of bandwidth toward the internet. It's quite possibly the most hardcore setup here, and that's saying something. Me and , in a tent, in the middle of a field, with a laptop, EVDO data, weatherradio, two ham radios, a cache of nonperishable food and snacks, as well as drinks, all the way down to charging my cellphones and blackberry.
I'm living up all the creature comforts, save for a campfire. Here's to hoping I can figure that one out for saturday night.