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  1. The only person I know who owns more cell phones than you is Nate, and most of his are in component form in storage. At this point, I'm surprised that the industry isn't asking you for usability feedback and such.

        1. Full-on EVDO (in my limited testing, I was able to get a steady 384kbps over bluetooth from my couch)
          1.3 megapixel camera
          the ability to play mp3s (with quality comparable to my ipod)
          bluetooth that's implemented properly
          voice dictation (not voice dialing, I can say "dear .. mark .. I .. hope .. this .. text .. message .. finds .. you .. well .. period .. enjoy .. work .. today .. period" and it will type that on the screen.)
          ability to stream live TV in a way you'd actually want to watch.
          full midp2 j2me support (my ssh client? works great on it!)
          48MB of onboard storage, with a menu option the phone will appear as a thumbdrive over the included USB cable.

          Just a few things, sure.

          1. Please don't tell itszer0 about your new phone. I've already gotten a list of "requests" of what he would like when he returns back home. Included is a very expensive laptop and a new car stereo and new subs. Oh, and a new car. Of course, the stereo and subs is because I'm being a bitch and refuse to give him back the ones he "loaned" me.

          2. lol.

            make him buy his own laptop. πŸ™‚

            I'm sure having my phone would be violating some sort of restriction for him. There's nothing it can't do. I was just watching some cartoons on it.

          3. He has no restrictions other than standard unable to do drugs or use alcohol. Oh and also a travel restriction for a little while. Other than that, no restrictions for computers or anything in that regards.

            Heh. He'd have to wait a long time before buying anything will be an option. Until then, just call me "sugar mama". LOL

          4. this phone might count as a drug.

            If you're going expensive laptop, you might as well look at the thinkpad r52. It's expensive, but worth every dollar. The specs may sound a bit on the low side, but it'll take so much abuse it's unreal. They have accelerometers in them so if you drop the laptop, it shuts down the hard disk so it doesn't damage the disk on impact, then re-enables the disk after impact.

            I have done this. I've dropped my thinkpad off a table, twice, while running. It didn't notice, or care. πŸ™‚

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