How I spent my summer vacation (and my vacation pay)

Picked up a few things with my last paycheck. I had a month of unused vacation time, so it would seriously be hookers and blow time if I wasn't gonna use it to pay off my credit cards and quiet down the IRS instead.

A mess of parts A mess of parts
Wow. Thank God I have a high mechanical aptitude score in every standardized test I ever took.
Cool and Evil Cool and Evil
If I've gotta mow the lawn, I'm gonna do so in style.
Woo! Woo!
Bitchin' grill.

13 thoughts on “How I spent my summer vacation (and my vacation pay)”

    1. Dunno what to tell you. I can see it from my not logged in blackberry. Bitch at livejournal because I am using their photo hosting.

  1. ah darn, I SO thought you were going to go for the Pimp My Lawn Mower edition:

    looks like Grill v1.0 is in the background. soon to be a bullet collection mechanism(TM)?

    1. That is unlikely. I don't know that any of my guns could safely penetrate the metal of the other grill without the danger of ricochet.

        1. just as your entire family is made of meat, my entire grill is made of iron.

          Lead is softer than iron. I'm not shooting +P+, though my gun supports it.

          I like to keep ricochet as a defunct wireless network, rather than an explanation on how I shot myself.

      1. If it's steel, I'm thinking no. Though a likely scenario is that the bullet dents the steel and the excess energy goes into deforming the bullet. There are steel silhouette targets designed as reactive targets. That said, I agree that grills are not in season right now.

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