19 thoughts on “Total Sleep In Last 48 hours: 9 Hours. Total Dew consumption: 8 liters.”

        1. You're not driving though, are you? And you're staying more than 2 days, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

          I always look crazy in my pictures because it's hard for a photo not to capture my crazy side.

          1. That implies you have a sane side though…

            I am driving it alone and spending 5 days out there with a friend before driving home.

          2. Assuming 7 days, 5 days stay, 2 days travel, which is being conservative, you're at 189 miles per day spent.

            My miles per days stayed is around 184, being liberal with travel time as I don't know if I'm going to leave friday, or sleep at home friday and go early saturday morning.

            Your numbers, while they sound high, aren't all that outrageous in comparison.

          3. And this one time, I drove to west michigan to have dinner with my dad for fathers day, and then drove home. That's 61 miles per hour spent there.

          4. Two weekends ago I did 1,146 miles, A2 to Eagle Harbor. Left at 4pm Friday arrived at destination 2am. Left destination at 3pm got back at 1am. Spent 37 hours in Houghton, but half of that was sleeping.

            So counting sleep time thats 31 miles per hour so nuts you win I guess. I could beat you with a trip I had to Sterling Heights, but I think a minimum distance rule should be in effect here.

          5. That beats the weekend I drove home to watch a play, and drove back to Houghton on Sunday.

            You know, the weekend I randomly showed up to First Friday in the middle of the semester?

          6. I think I've got you all beat….

            Yesterday I flew to Louisville and back – so I suppose that's cheating a little.

            But in a 12 hour period, I travelled 764 miles round trip. That's a little more than 63 miles per hour.

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