Since I need to make an update but just don't have the time….

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Oh, and at some point this week, my power got shut off. Bastards at DTE claim they never got the transfer of service I filed online. Obviously, the previous owner didn't feel like paying for my power bill (and I can't blame him!).

Whatever. DTE claimed it would be the 14th at the earliest until they could restore power.

But yet I type this right now.

Having an occupation where you have the Michigan Public Service Commission in your browser favorites BY DEFAULT when you get a new computer means always knowing who to call. 2 hours after they shut my power off, it was back on.

So much more craziness to talk about. So little time.

I still haven't gotten a full 8 hours of sleep this month. Tonight MAY BE THE NIGHT for such things!!!!!!!!!!!

Goddamn I need to mow my lawn this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Since I need to make an update but just don't have the time….”

    1. At least he didn't come in with blazing gunfire. Coulda been worse.

      Any interesting stories about the sort of stupid shit you found on the computers?

      1. Relay… open relay…. all I can say…

        Took 2 hours to shut down exchange SMTP. (blocking port 25 i/o @ fw)

        Now Exchange gets pre-sorted mail, on a fresh install.

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