So yea, anyway this morning basically sucked balls.

I got to bed at like 3am, and then at 7:15 one of our agents calls me all pissed off* because our tech wasn't on a site when he said he'd be, and then the provisioner called, then the ceo.

So I roll on to work and my car needs gas, and I'm out of deoderant, so I stop and score both, and then as I'm almost to my work, my mom calls and says my grandma died. I tried to talk to my dad about it and give my condolences but his cordless phone died and then did that stay off the hook and be all staticky thing, and so I couldn't call back because they just have a normal pots line.

Then I get to work and get a lecture about troubleshooting procedures.

Then I slog through like 5 trouble tickets while doing countless meetings.

The day got slightly better from there, but not by much.

* The angst was justifiable but not how I felt like being woken up after 4 hours sleep.

Only upside today is I got some stuff we need at work and the ceo basically forced me to leave somewhat on time today.

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