West Michigan

I am officially in west michigan. I saw a few bespoke monster trucks already.
Something is wrong with my car. I suspect it has something to do with the smoking hole in my serpetine belt. Hurray!
+1 for my family who is coming from Grand Haven to get me from Grand Rapids, and AAA who is sending a tow truck.

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          1. I have reasons to go to holland but I'm avoiding them. Given my lack of transportation I'll probably be successful at it.

  1. Message From Mom

    Sorry to hear about the broken belt. Hope you enjoyed some turkey anyway. I will see you later this week-end.I will be home tomorrow evening if you want to stop around? Love you both.

    1. Re: Message From Mom

      I did indeed enjoy some turkey. We will figure out a way to get together this weekend. The exact means is based on what kind of work is needed on my car, and what amount of drama and wads of cash is necessary to make that work happen.

      We'll be in touch when we know what's going on.

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