Nothing has caused an electrical fire in my house in the last 11 hours, and the cost of repairing my car is still less than $1,000 (for this repair, anyway. The full repair which I have to do before it gets hot out will crank up the price quite a bit).

And none of my homies got killed in south central LA.

So I'd say it was a good day?

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    1. About 12 hours ago, actually.

      The first one was a dimmer switch that was malfunctioning and was so hot when I removed it that it almost caused 1st degree burns.

      The second electrical fire was a UPS releasing large quantities of magic smoke when I restored power to the circuit that had the dimmer on it (I hit a couple of breakers just to be safe, one of them had my computer shit on it, and that's where the UPS was). I was told by becky, who took it out of the house while I made sure the other UPSen were okay, that it made a sizzling sound when it hit the snow in our backyard, where it still sits.

          1. If the smoke got low enough in the house, I'm sure the guinea pigs would be trying to crawl out from under it. Though things would have gone pretty chaotic by that point anyway.

    1. today I convinced HR to call me Paul Gangsta Timmins when people ask what my middle initial is because they told my minion what my real middle name was.

      So someone else asked and they actually said gangsta.

      Hells yes.

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