Wanna know something screwed up?


This substation was, according to an over the air news report, at 8 and evergreen, 2 miles from my work. At the time of the incident, our office experienced a brownout, as did a customer down the street according to our logs.

kinda screwed up when you see stuff like that.

As a worker at a utility (and a human being) my heart goes out to his family. Obviously the outside plant folks have a much more dangerous job than the inside plant people like myself, but honestly you should see some of the places us inside guys go too – the difference in risk doesn't always seem that great. (I've had to do a lot of live wiring on our -48v DC plant, and have worked near energized, open 480v 3 phase, and pulled wire near high voltage bus bars that go through building risers and basement utility areas.

Always respect your utilities, one slip on or near power or gas lines could be your last.

And though it wouldn't have helped this guy, I'll take this as an opportunity to plug 811. Always call 811 3 days before you dig. Even if you're just planting a bush or tilling land to make a garden. The call is free, the flagging is free.

The life (or phone/cable/gas/sewer/water service) you save may be your own. (and if you dig up utilities, you're financially liable for the repairs, and in some states criminally liable for the damage)

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