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How to change from blockio to fileio on a running openfiler instance with initiators connected and filesystems mounted:

[root@filer1 ~]# cat /proc/net/iet/volume
lun:0 state:0 iotype:blockio iomode:wt path:/dev/mudkips/minun
[root@filer1 ~]# vi /etc/ietd.conf

edit the iotype to fileio in this file – but you're not done yet!

Also edit it here
[root@filer1 ~]# vi /opt/openfiler/etc/iscsi/targets/iscsi_settings.xml

This part sounds like it will kill xenserver. It won't. IO will hang for a second while the target is stopped.

[root@filer1 ~]# /etc/init.d/iscsi-target restart
Stopping iSCSI target service: …… [ OK ]
Starting iSCSI target service: [ OK ]
[root@filer1 ~]#

[root@filer1 ~]# cat /proc/net/iet/volume
lun:0 state:0 iotype:fileio iomode:wt path:/dev/mudkips/minun
[root@filer1 ~]#

The internets say you can do:

[root@filer1 ~]# ietadm –op delete –tid=1 –lun=0 && ietadm –op new –tid=1 –lun=0 –params Type=fileio,Path=/dev/mudkips/minun

However, you can't delete a target that's got initiators connected. You CAN do this to a running copy of ietd/iscsi-target if this target has nobody connected without restarting ietd.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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