So I was commenting on a special needs parent blog, and this new ugly recaptcha variant came up, where it's a crummy picture and a distorted word, and you need to read text from a slanty image of a sign on a building, or whatever. It's pretty awful. So I tried that a few times and gave up, and tried the audio version.

Recaptcha sound

I don't know if any of you can make that out, but I can't. I assume the majority can, or they wouldn't post it. I cannot hear the numbers over the noise at all.

Ultimately, Becky had to help me with a text version to get the comment to post. I think we're starting to hit a wall, where we're taking reverse turing tests so far they assume you have good sensory skills and can handle visual and auditory noise well, or you're not a human. That's a scary world for someone who doesn't.

2 thoughts on “Recaptcha”

  1. Those are the absolute worst. Doesn't seem as if they are real words either. Just a jumble of distorted letters that are rarely decipherable.

    1. I know right? It's pretty awful. Especially the audio version, I just can't hear what it's saying at all. I'm glad I'm not blind.

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