Uh wow. The second CD from the FBI arrived today…

Ok, the second CD from the FBI arrived today. I just popped it into the drive and haven't read it yet.

When I guessed there were things beyond the original case in my file, I didn't quite expect the stuff I found.

There's an entire CD they've refused to provide based on a second grand jury investigation I didn't even realize happened.

I'm starting to figure out why they've stalled releasing my stuff back to me. Not that I think it's justified, but their odd responses back in 2005-2006 make more sense in context now. Ugh.


More to follow. Sorry it's vague, I haven't even read everything yet.

4 thoughts on “Uh wow. The second CD from the FBI arrived today…”

    1. I'll have to go through it all carefully, as some of it does contain things like my social security number, and I'd want to redact some of the interview notes that contain personal information of no public interest.

    2. Oh, and the documents are unlikely to be posted publicly, as most of them are either available through other venues, and/or contain information of a personal nature, or are procedural enough that there's no point releasing them.

      The ones that are interesting, on the other hand, may be summarized.

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