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[jeff] -rw-rw-r– 1 httpd httpd 570361085 Jul 21 00:31 dnsfile.txt
[AmishOne-work] ?
[jeff] found some more space to free up. πŸ˜›
[paul] what the fuck is that and why does httpd own it?
[jeff] analog caches dns lookups there. httpd runs analog.
* AmishOne-work points at paul "What he said."
[paul] aaaaah
[paul] sheesh
[jeff] yeah.
[paul] and it doesn't prune?
[jeff] it does.
[jeff] but the logs aren't rotating
[paul] I'm guessing it would happily keep the entire internet there
[jeff] if the internet's in the log files, yep πŸ˜‰
[paul] haha
[AmishOne-work] We have logged the whole internet.
[AmishOne-work] Your privacy is not safe.
[AmishOne-work] Take cover now.
[jeff] "there is nothing more to see here. please, go back."
[jeff] www.yahoo.com, "make site available offline"
[paul] haha
[AmishOne-work] no…
[paul] I once tried doing a recursive wget on yahoo just to use up hard disk space when I first got high speed internet
[AmishOne-work] www.google.com, "Make site available off line."
[paul] haha
[jeff] AmishOne-work: problem there is you need a seed…
[jeff] to search on
* AmishOne-work ignores the minor details.
[paul] www.google.com, "MAKE INTARWEB AVAILABLE OFF LINE."
[jeff] www.archive.org… πŸ˜‰
[paul] I'm feeling a bit crazy today
[paul] omg yes
[paul] you win
[tyger] heh
[jeff] i win! \o/

The wonders of the +G flag in Unreal IRCd

[pjustice] Grr! Coprophiliac helix server mangles ithyphallic quicktime files as it delivers them. Phallus at 11.
[myself] Is this likely the result of spongiform encephelopathy on the part of the designers, or some perniciously evil interaction with other software?
[pjustice] As it seems not to matter which promiscuous programmatics are used, I suspect the former osteocephalics of copulating it all up.
* myself falls over
[pjustice] In case anyone's G-flag mind is apogenous today, my thersitical language indicates that I'm brassed off.
[myself] revenge of thesaurus rex!
[pjustice] YES!
[pjustice] Oddly, I'm finding that coming up with all this prolix scatology is good (as in reduces the inflammation of) the desire to impel perfectly functional hardware into a defenestratory predicament.
[AmishOne-work] Stop now. We must encourge the desire to propel copper coated lead into hardware at supersonic velocities thus resulting in stress relief.

Oh man, this is precisely why I set the +G flag. It was totally worth it. I absolutely love this excrement.
(The +G flag on an IRC channel on a server running Unreal IRCd censors most common swear words – I set it with the intent of people coming up with more creative outlets for anger than lame ass swear words. Totally awesome.)

hah, and I went through a stack of old milk crates containing my childhood book collection.

It consists of mostly hobbyist magazines, religious texts from at least 2 different religions that I never was a member of (for reading about them), weird dated textbooks and educational books from the early half of the 20th century ("A first electrical book for boys" is among my favorites). A 6th grade reading text I got as a gift when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, a few books from my childhood, a book on cool things like dinosaurs, and all kinds of scientific study stuff, old manuals for programming assembly on CP/M, printouts of all kinds of amusing things like scripts to log into bbses and check my email, stuff like that. There's an actual copy of a magazine specializing in users of DOS in the pile somewhere. One of the articles debated the utility of defragmentation, talking about all the bloat in DOS 6.22.

I just thought that was awesome.

Did we take over germany or something?

Dotster spam:

DE Domain Extensions – Perfect for Detroit!
Whether you have a local Detroit business, want a Detroit related online presence, or are a proud citizen of the Motor City, .DE domain extensions are perfect for you.

Hey, guys? What the fuck? You can't just go and make shit up like this. .de isn't perfect for detroit. It's perfect for Germany (Deutschland). How retarded are domain companies now? I thought well, maybe with things like .tv (Nation of Tuvalu) and .fm (Federated Micronesia), they might have at least a humorous connotation, and it's not like either of those nations are going to use their domain suffixes heavily anyway. But Germany? .DE is a stretch anyway, .DT would be better.

Hey, marketing people: quit pissing all over my internet. Go make your own to fuck up.