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There is a special level of hell designed for companies that jack customers around. Actual gripe from today.

I go to see "The Longest Yard" with . (offtopic: opening sequence totally the most amusing way to violate federal probation ever.)

I break with tradition and get the two pops and a popcorn thing rather than just sneaking in beverages and snacks as usual. I pay $10 freakin dollars for two pops and a popcorn. (and that was on a "deal"!). Anyhow, so they ask me if I want a bucket rather than a bag for $0.25 more. I asked why it mattered. "Well, because the butter leaks through the bags.". Okay, so you're selling me a defective product to begin with, but I digress. I say fine, and roll my eyes. They then ask me if I wanted to pay $0.25 for butter. Visibly irritated at this point, I say that since I paid for the stupid container to hold it, I might as well. They ask me if I want extra butter for another $0.25. I decline. They hand me the slip for my credit card for my signature, without a pen. I looked up and angrily asked if I had to "pay another quarter to get a fucking pen".

Well, I thought it was funny anyway. The clerk didn't seem amused by it. Oh well. For what I was paying, I should have been able to swim in butter. I ended up paying almost as much in refreshments as I did for the movie.

I'm usually really nice to clerks. But it must have taken a lot of training to be able to ask those questions with a straight face.

Have a great memorial day weekend!
(Edit: changed accidental ? to a ! above to imply a direct order, rather than an inquiry. You are to have a great weekend. That's an order.)


I really need to read the gas gauge more often. The cool part about having mobile internet, and a cell phone is, that when you DO run out of gas on the side of the freeway, you can call a friend and get some help getting more gas. And while you're waiting, you can just dink around on your livejournal and read work email.

Thanks to unnamed coworker for his (coming soon) help. Doh.

Happily telecommuting from the corner of 11 mile and southfield road. 🙂


I love it when Exodus sends a survey on ticket close automatically. I made some funny but smart aleck comments in the comment section below.
This was on a manual powercycle, which consists of going up to the machine, and pressing the power button for me.


Recently you contacted Exodus Communications. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and hope we were responsive to your needs. To help Exodus ensure that we are providing the expert assistance you require, please take a moment to reply to this questionnaire regarding:
Service Request: xxxxxxxxxxx Arrival Time: 2002-07-22 03:01:43
Company Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Data Center Location: LA/LA1
Group: NCC
Title: powercycle

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Unacceptable, 3 = Met your needs , 5 = Excellent) rate each of the following:

(Q1) Overall handling of the Case……………..(1-5): 5
(Q2) Ease of access to Help…………………..(1-5): 5
(Q3) Timeliness of Response…………………..(1-5): 5
(Q4) Communication of problem Status…………..(1-5): 5
(Q5) Effectiveness of Solution/Info……………(1-5): 5
(Q6) Technical expertise of the Engineer……….(1-5): 5
(Q7) Overall Exodus Customer Service Satisfaction.(1-5): 5

————Begin Comments————

His ability to command his eyeballs, and his finger, with such coordination and finesse, is unparalleled anywhere in the industry. Thank you Exodus!

————End comments————

Thank you for letting us know how we're doing, and providing us with the opportunity to improve our service. Please return the completed form to TicketSurvey@exodus.net. Should you have any questions regarding this service request, please feel free to contact the Response center at 1-877-393-7878.


Exodus Communications, Inc.