I forgot how cool WINE was. I was able to get 's graphical chat program working under it effortlessly.
apt-get install winesetuptk wine wine-utils

Anyway, I think I'm going to dink around trying to get various crazy things working under it.

Just saying "sup" to everyone.
Zer0 and I are on a lan somewhere right now. Our goal is 100 wireless lans in one night, as reported in kismet. We're on LAN 93.
Wish us luck.

Detroit!, what!
If anyone wants to give a shout before we get home, call [deleted]

My car's fucked.
Try to limp it to Meijer, no go.
It simply rolled backwards because of gravity when I pulled out, and going forward meant revving the engine to ungodly RPMs to go very slow.

Thank god zer0 gets out at 9. I'm fucking hungry.

Eric, I'll have the cash this weekend.

Fuck Arch Paging!

Don't ever buy a pager from Arch.
4 years ago, I bought a pager from Mobilecomm. I liked it, because it was a bit more expensive, but I received a page in under 10 seconds, as opposed to all my friends, their pagers took about a minute and a half. It was about $15 bucks a month, and that was for a phone number in 2 area codes (616 and 248) and voice mail.
Since I have been carrying two phones for a few months, I cancelled my pager, since I stopped giving out the number and people gradually started calling me on my cell. (It was originally useful because I had a prepaid that I always ran out of minutes on – you could page me if I ran out and I'd call you)
Anyway, I canceled the service, and they said they'd send me a final bill.
This was a month or so ago.
Fast forward to today. I'm sitting there, and my phone goes off with "Caller ID blocked". The only person I know that ever makes it do that is Michael, and I was hoping it was like "Oh, we managed to get the DS-3" or something like that, so I answered against my best judgement. "Please hold…" WTF? Some guy comes on saying "Hello?" questioning, like I called him. I'm like "what do you mean hello, you called me!"
"I need to speak to Paul Timmins regarding a business matter"
"Who the hell is this?"
"This is blah from some collections agency, I'm calling on behalf of our client, Arch Wireless"
"Arch wireless sent me to collections?"
"Yes, sir, they did"
"What the fuck! Where's my final bill?"
"You know how many times I've heard that today?"
"I'm guessing quite a few"
"Yea, we're getting more complaints with Arch wireless lately than we know what to do with"
"Okay, so how much did they send me to collections for?"
*tap tap tap tap* *chuckle* "$26.27"
"You're kidding me. They sent me to collections for $26.27?!?!"
"Yea, I don't know why anyone would bother doing that"
"Me either, they are only probably seeing a few dollars of that. That's assinine."
"Agreed. We take e-check or credit card"
"Can I just call them up directly and tell them how much of assholes they are, and pay them directly?"
"They sold the account to us, so no.
*I proceed to pay my twenty six dollars that threatens to put a bad mark on my credit record*

Okay. So the moral of this story is, Mobilecomm was a great company, and if it stayed mobilecomm, I probably wouldn't have had this issue.
Arch is a piece of shit, and I'll never use their service again, or recommend them to others. Fuck it, I'd rather deal with the spotty coverage of my work's pager from weblink wireless than recommend switching to arch, despite better indoor coverage.

It's kinda like how when I got my prepaid phone from Airtouch about 4 years ago, I *LOVED* their customer support. You didn't wait on hold with them. As their slogans said, "One call to airtouch and your problem is now our problem, we'll call you back. That's the airtouch pledge" – They meant what they said. They really _did_ do that.
Then verizon wireless bought them.
For 3 months, I couldn't even get ahold of prepaid support, because they had the cellular switches programmed wrong for prepaids and I'd get contract customer support, and half of them couldn't forward me to the appropriate department.

Next time someone buys out something I use and enjoy, I'm disconnecting the service. They don't get a chance to serve me. Arch and Verizon fucked it up for everyone.

The usefulness of my vehicle is waning. It now has 2 "gears": Reverse, and second gear.
It goes in park and neutral.
I can switch it to first gear manually, and it stays in second. It doesn't down or upshift anymore.

Fluid levels are okay, and it used to be kind of jerky when it shifted.

I can now go 35. 45 if I want it to sound like I'm driving an indy car. My acceleration off the line is horrendous.

I'm seriously considering buying eric's saab. Anyone got any solutions? I can't buy a new or lightly used automobile (financing is impossible), and I can only come up with about $500, maybe, if I pull alot of strings.

This is in addition to my only having 3 brakes. I had to clamp off the hose on my drivers side rear tire with a pair of vice grips because it has a damaged brake cylender that sprays fluid everywhere.