[paul] you need to use the one on YOUR side.
[semifnordic] xarmor: it's responsible for connecting the two address ranges together
[paul] think of it this way – if the network was a road, and you were giving that packet directions on how to make it there, what would you say?
[paul] okay, take a left on the internet at my router, then go on my network until you see his router's wan address. Then go through his router, coming out on the lan address until you get to my PC.
[slash] that it's tom-tom, not paul-paul
[paul] hahahahahaa
[xarmor] haha.
[paul] AWESOME
* slash bows

This one goes out to my homies in the 348 LATA. You all know who you are.

The new job has been totally awesome. New job + 7 accelerated credit hours has been totally kicking my ass though. Thank God the semester ends in a month or so. Then I'm just down to my lame movie watching class.

Today, as I was walking around $customer_redacted, a K-3ish school, I remembered when I was in school, and there were technicians with toolbags walking around doing things, going neat places in the school I was not allowed into, doing seemingly neat stuff. I always wanted to do that sort of thing. I always thought the phone guy (and later, the computer guy) were awesome. Now I realized I -AM- that guy. And I saw a few kids look at my gear with curiosity. If schools didn't get all freaky when you talk to the students if you aren't an employee or parent, I would loved to have shown the curious ones my tools and explain what they're for, but alas, these days they're totally afraid you're a bad person or whatever.

I just hope the kids who asked me who I was, and I replied "I'm the phone guy" (technically, I was there to dink with the internet T1 at the time, but the tools were mostly my phone tools, and people think if I say I'm there to monkey with the internet that I can help them fix their computer – if you say you're there to monkey with the phones, they don't ask that.), anyway, I hope that of the kids who asked me that, one of them said "damn, that's awesome. I want to do that when I grow up.".

Also: Mad props to the late for having parents that schedule your funeral for 6/6/6, because they knew you'd want it that way. I'm sure you're somewhere laughing your ass off about that. 🙂