"Okay, I'm just gonna sit quietly and wait for the cops to arrive"

Okay, so it's been a few days since I've updated.

a) I decided to see my family this weekend. It was noon on father's day, and I realized "shit, it's Father's day!", so I called my dad, all sneaky like, like 'hey what is going on how is your father's day, oh home alone no plans I see well you know … no I don't know for sure when I'll be around, how about "soon"?" *snicker*. So at noon I pile into my car with B and we dash across the state to visit my family unannounced. We arrive at 4ish, a great time was had by all, cute pictures of my niece were taken per usual, and we get home around wheneverish.
b) I go to work, do the paul thing. Stay there until damn near 8, dash across town to pick up my box springs for my mattress, and truck across metro detroit with a box springs on the roof of my van. Craziness. But wow, is it ever comfy!
c) Work today, I start at a customer location literally to take pictures of a payphone (I love this job! I get paid to do things I do anyway!). The site contact locks herself out of the building and has to walk around front to meet me, adding 10 minutes onto the trip. I then get caught in endless traffic on the way in, I roll in an hour later than usual (though no biggie, because I was supposed to hit this site at 8am and did). That's when I notice my blackberry is gone. I'm searching everywhere, even calling the customer and asking if they have seen it. I get a text message a bit later from B, who found it when she was watching some TV while folding laundry, and it started buzzing under her butt. hahaha. πŸ™‚
d) I do the school thing, and I get to see a baby delivered by two midwives on videocassette, as well as people making stupid mistakes in industrial settings and injuring themselves. There's something sickly funny about the films they show in medical first responder class.
e) I get home and get my Linksys WIP330. It's buggier than the amazon rainforest, but very pretty, and it sounds decent. I can't wait until they fix all the bugs, maybe even adding some more features since the damn thing is running windows mobile (part of the problem – it's not a full windows mobile UI, it's an app running on top of WM or something freaky. It's not a smartphone, just using WM as an embedded OS.)
f) I run off to do some work for ex-$employer_redacted. Hilarity ensues as I found out level 3 expired my badge, and I had to grab my old work cell and start browbeating level 3. "oh it's been disabled, how do I fix that? Oh, so I have the primary badge contact send you an email, huh? I *AM* THE PRIMARY BADGE CONTACT DO I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO SEND YOU AN EMAIL AT 11:30PM AT NIGHT? No? Excellent." 30 minutes later they were enabling my badge for 24 hours pending me sending an email saying that it's okay for me to have a badge. I shit you not. I decide to show B my new office, and it's locked as usual, so we jiggle the doorknob and notice it's unlocked. Thinking someone was working late or something, we go in. The door beeps as usual, but doesn't stop beeping. Oh hell, that isn't an annunciator I'm hearing every day, it's an alarm system just being annoying! So I call my boss, and explain the situation, and he gives me the alarm code since due to an oversight, I was never given it. However, by that time, the alarm company had called the police. I waited patiently for over 45 minutes for them to arrive, and they never did. Makes me feel warm and safe inside. I get the new machine installed and now it's bedtime.



heh, I was just looking at my feedback (I finally have a blue star next to my name. blue! πŸ™‚ ) and I guess looking at my bidding history says a lot about me. The last few things I have won:

MICR printer (prints checks using magnetic ink).
16" plush pikachu.
Blinking rubber duckies.
T1 channel bank.

Yep, that pretty much describes me, I think. hah.

I don't know much about funeral protocol. It was so weird going to 's. I did, however, get to meet a bunch of people as a result. Dan's dad is amazingly cool.
I didn't think I would get up and say anything, but Becky went up there, and she (perhaps knowingly, perhaps unknowingly) ended with a story that gave me an opening to continue partially. I went up there. I only remember bits and pieces of what I said up there, but evidently, it was incredibly well recieved. I talked to almost every member of the americorps crew afterwards, and they all told me how great it was, and the leader guy gave me an americorps shirt. I thought that was incredibly awesome of them. I guess I'm a better public speaker than I thought.

Anyway, I don't know where to begin, and today was such a rush. I took a picture or two with my cameraphone but I don't want to post them at the moment, partially due to what I percieve to be the emotional impact of the photos, partially due to not having the time or energy to do it.

I do have to say, that it was probably the most fitting funeral I've ever attended. Dan couldn't have designed it better if he planned it himself, methinks.

On a semi-ironic note, Dan wanted to be an EMT. I think I actually missed my midterm practical for first responder training today. There's irony in there, I'm just too tired to articulate it.

Oh, and my work totally rocks. I have said it before, but I'm saying it again. (I only wish Dan were around to talk to about it, because I know he'd get a kick out of what I'm doing.)



Suggested alterations to text:
Subject: Protect the Public's Freedoms – Defeat S. 193 this Week

We're so close to a tremendous victory for American rights, and you hold the keys to making it happen.

I'm asking for your leadership to ensure the swift DEFEAT of the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act (S. 193), scheduled to be considered this week.

This measure, which has already passed through the Senate on a unanimous consent resolution, would increase the maximum fines that the FCC can impose on broadcasters who violate federal broadcast decency laws. We must ensure that "indecency" is an affordable cost of doing business for the mega-conglomerate broadcasters.

To make matters better, all of the major broadcast networks have recently filed suit to assert their right to broadcast profane language at any hour of any day. Clearly, the constitution provides for this, so I wholeheartedly support this.

Americans need your help to protect our rights from the graphic and patently offensive and profane groups who would seek to censor us. For two years now, the Congress has failed to pass broadcast decency legislation. Now is the time to finally kill this legislation for good, and protect americans from the abuse of their critical free speech rights.

Please vote soon to defeat S. 193.

I like using people's tools against them. πŸ™‚