Inspection went quite well. We need to replace and upgrade from the electrical drop to the fuse panel. We need to replace the fuse panel and put in breakers. The furnace is scary old but functional.

Pictures of the inside are included in the gallery too now

Dad and (Step)mom like it.
Mom likes it.
I like it.
Becky likes it.

Closing date like to move up to 06/29/2007 from 07/07/2007.

Need to get house a colonoscopy with the cool ass camera doodad this week. But that's the only blocking issue before we close.

Secret work thingus in under 12 hours.


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      1. Sweet. It's been so long since I've been in a house where they routed the exhaust up through the attic space to the roof, I'd forgotten they did that. Plus, it's easier to do that with a one storey house than one with two stories.

  1. message from Mom

    Mom LOVES the house and wishes she was moving into it! I would ask for money to replace that furnace it will pay for itself the first year! bargin..bargin..bargin Did you mention a Grandma room before?..LOL

    1. Re: message from Mom

      They're refusing to do any repairs, I buy as-is. There is a home warranty so a screwdriver might find its way into the heater by fall, causing some large unrepairable catastrophic failure or something. 😉

    1. the cupboards? Those are 60's. And they are mahogany. They need to be sanded down and refinished and they should be absolutely stunning.

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