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Notes for my own use (but hey, if it's useful to you, get on with your bad self):

* Belkin Pre-N accesspoint/routers run embedded linux, but openwrt.org stuff isn't up to snuff yet.
* SMC Barricade G model SMCWBR14-G devices are cheap, and run uClinux, but nobody's giving up the source to it. Bleh. They support WDS and can turn off DHCP, so they will work fine for cheap wireless repeaters.
* Belkin Pre-N cards under linux require latest ndiswrappers, and require the driver for the Netgear WPNT511, available at http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/WPNT511.asp

Myths, Lies and Straight Talk
A List of 10 Media-Fed Myths


Dec. 30, 2005 — Can going out in the cold give you a cold? Are we losing our national forests? Can money buy happiness? You may be among the many who would answer yes to these questions. You'd be wrong. There are a lot of popularly held beliefs out there that simply aren't true. Yet the media tend to report on many of them as though they were hard facts.


Awesome story. I can't remember where I got the link.