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Oh hell no.

Sec. 3. (1) The commission may not regulate the rates,
charges, terms, or conditions for, or entry into or exit from, the
provision of any communications service. This act does not prevent
any person from providing communications services in competition
with another person.

(2) A governmental entity shall not provide a communications
service except for the use of the entity itself.

This had better die in fucking committee.

Whatever person at Sun came up with the text mode custom package selector in the Solaris 9 installer needs to be dragged out and publically fed, alive, to some sort of violent animal.

This shit literally drives me out of my mind. Nothing like scrolling through hundreds of packages at 9600 baud. wee!

Did we take over germany or something?

Dotster spam:

DE Domain Extensions – Perfect for Detroit!
Whether you have a local Detroit business, want a Detroit related online presence, or are a proud citizen of the Motor City, .DE domain extensions are perfect for you.

Hey, guys? What the fuck? You can't just go and make shit up like this. .de isn't perfect for detroit. It's perfect for Germany (Deutschland). How retarded are domain companies now? I thought well, maybe with things like .tv (Nation of Tuvalu) and .fm (Federated Micronesia), they might have at least a humorous connotation, and it's not like either of those nations are going to use their domain suffixes heavily anyway. But Germany? .DE is a stretch anyway, .DT would be better.

Hey, marketing people: quit pissing all over my internet. Go make your own to fuck up.

I was having dinner on my way home at an Applebees, and got their fajitas. They gave me 5 tortillas, and tons of fillings. I got done with the tortillas, and needed maybe 2-3 more to complete my dinner. I flagged down a waitress, and asked if I could get a few more tortillas.

Yea, but that'll be $0.90.

You're kidding, right? I can buy a pack of 16 in the store for $0.80.

Not at all.

Well, fuck that. I'll eat this stuff plain then.

What is it with customer service these days? When people say that companies are pennywise and pound foolish, this is exactly what they mean. I felt upset about a meal I ate at Applebees. Now, I'm more likely to associate that with their name, and I'm more likely to mention it to my friends. I feel they think that I should have put more stuffing in my tortillas. That, or they don't give enough, and it was a common enough issue they thought they should charge extra for it. If so, why not give an appropriate amount to begin with? Is it really worth my business to try and gouge me for tortillas? I mean, they're not even very good tortillas! And I paid $10 for the damn meal, just for one plate, not to mention drinks, appetizers, and becky. I brought someone there to pay even more money. But you're gonna split hairs over a few tortillas? Get bent.

Someone needs to send the people running businesses these days back to business school. Don't they realize that customer loyalty is worth more than a buck in the till these days? I mean, they spend a dollar figure to attain every customer that walks in the door. If they're gonna gouge someone, it should be for an amount greater than the cost of customer acquisition, because they risk losing the investment if they anger the customer. Am I right here, or was everything I learned about business wrong?

PS: The waitress wasn't amused when I asked if it would cost extra to split the bill.